Born Jagdish Kapoor, Jagdish Tytler was born in Gujranwala(Now in Pakistan) to a Sikh mother and hindu Father and brought up by Sir James douglar Tytler(whose last name he later acquired), a prominent educationist who founded schools like the Delhi Public School, the Summerfields School. During partition, Tytler lost his father to the Hindu-Muslim riots at the age of four during his flight from Gujranwala to Delhi. Raised in a religiously integrated environment, Tytler learnt to believe in secularity and harmony of religions.

Shri Jagdish Tytler was first inducted in to the cabinet as the Minister of Civil Aviation under the Prime ministership of Shri Rajiv Gandhi in the late 80s. From then on, there was no looking back for shri Tytler who worked for a incessant decade as a Minister in Government of India in diverse important positions. Shri Tytler is responsible for the National Highway Authority of India which has over the years, modernized and restructured the face of Indian Highways. Not only did he Privatized the ministry of Civil Aviation as part of the Economic Reforms but also pioneered the Toll paid expressways in India.

During his realm as the Minister for Surface Transport, Shri Tytler alongwith Shir Manmohan Singh, Shri P. Chidambaram, Shri Madhav Rao Scindia was called the Harbingers of economic Reforms by the British Chancellor of the exchequer.

Role Of BJP Government In 1984 Riots
The Nanavati Commission received/collected 3,752 affidavits. It should be noted that nearly 3,083 affidavits were against the Sikhs. Even before the Nanavati Commission, the BJP Government whic

Justice Nanavati’s Interview With Rajdeep Sardesai
In Justice Nanavati’s recorded talk with Shri Rajdeep Sardesai, Chairman of IBN News Channel about Shri Tytler’s role in the 1984 Riots, he never said that there was any Substantial Evide

The PUCL And PUDR Report On Leaders Pressurizing Police Did Not Name Mr. Jagdish Tytler
Can anyone find my name here? Is it not ridiculous that people are not talking about the actual report but are blaming me just because one person misinterpreted my statement? Friends, I strongly

My Resignation
After almost sixteen years of the massacre, the Justice Nanavati Commission indicted Shri Tytler by using the rather unfortunate phrase “probably.” The Akali Party and the BJP got together whe

CBI Investigation
Because of political pressures, the case was referred to the CBI with instructions to investigate if the two affidavits lodged by Sardar Jasbir Singh and Sardar Surender Singh were true or false.

In The Court Of Sh. Sanjiv Jain Acmm: Karkardooma Court
S. Jasbir Singh in his affidavit dt. 31/08/2000 before the Commission had averred that he had overheard Jagdish Tytler rebuking his men on the night of 3/11/1984, near the T.B. Hospital for

CBI Vs Suresh Kumar Panewala
It is stated in the Court Order that investigation has been conducted taking into account all the angles including conspiracy, the efforts were made to join the witnesses. Only one wit

Copy Of RTI From Alok Kumar, DCP Central Zone
It would be pertinent to draw attention to the fact that S. Jasbir Singh was involved in the above case for the reason of attacking and threatening, beating and mal-treating the victims of the