Copy Of RTI From Alok Kumar, DCP Central Zone

It would be pertinent to draw attention to the fact that S. Jasbir Singh was involved in the above case for the reason of attacking and threatening, beating and mal-treating the victims of the 1984 riots. Smt. Darshan Kaur and Smt. Kamlesh Kaur were physically prevented from going to Court and was also offered Rs. 25 Lakhs for not giving witness against those who were involved in the 1984 Riots.



The matter is now in Court.

Sardar Surender Singh, son of Sardar Ajit Singh, submitted an affidavit, written in English, stating that he had seen Shri Tytler instigating the mob for killing Sikhs near the Gurudwara Pul Bangash. However, Sardar Surender Singh later submitted another affidavit, before the Justice Nanavati Commission, denying the first affidavit, based on the fact that he did not know English at all, and that he could neither, read, write of speak this language. He also added that the English affidavit was not rightly read out to him, and therefore, he had written another affidavit this time in Gurmukhi (his mother tongue in which he was capable of speaking, reading and writing. He categorically stated in the second affidavit (the Gurmukhi affidavit) that he had not seen Shri. Tytler at or near the Gurudwara Pul Bangash, on that day and time. Sardar Surender Singh also stated that he had signed the first affidavit in the hope of getting compensation for the losses sustained due to the burning of the Gurudwara at Pul Bangash.

The CBI investigated both the affidavits of Sardar Surender Singh thoroughly and reached the conclusion that the second affidavit, written in Gurmukhi was correct and that Shri Tytler was not with the mob attacking the Gurudwara on that day.

Regarding the affidavit submitted by Sardar Jasbir Singh, the CBI in spite of their best efforts were unable to trace him. His family members could not give his whereabouts, nor could they find out anything against Shri Tytler.

Sardar Jasbir Singh has stated in his affidavit that he had seen Shri Tytler on 3/11/1984 at about 11.30 p.m., near the gate of the T.B. Hospital, Kingsway Camp, Delhi. He has also stated that he stayed that night in the home of Sardar Sucha Singh in Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp, Delhi.

Both the statements in his affidavit have been found to be false and fabricated. You may be aware that Delhi was under Army curfew, with stringent orders to “shoot at sight” orders. The statement that he went for a walk after supper from Sardar Sucha Singh’s house to come to the gate of the T.B. Hospital is impossible under curfew conditions. The second point in his statement that he saw Shri Tytler haranguing with a group of persons who had assembled at the gate of the hospital is false and purely imaginative. It is not at all possible that Mr. Tytler could call a group of people and have an open air meeting at the gate of a hospital (public place) during the heavy curfew, and that too breaking the curfew laws by holding this meeting is beyond all comprehension.

Another mistake that crept up in the affidavit was that Shri Tytler was called a ‘Minister’! Shri Tytler was only a young and new Member of Parliament, and it was only when Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister, was Shri Tytler given a berth in his Cabinet. Evidently, the affidavit was written much later, perhaps a few days before its submission to the Justice Nanavati Commission!

Again, Sardar Sucha Singh (who according to Sardar Jasbir Singh) had hosted him on 03/11/1984), when he saw his name in the newspapers, and also on a certain TV Channel stating that he had hosted Sardar Jasbir Singh, immediately released a statement to the effect that he had not hosted Sardar Jasbir Singh, that he had never seen him in his lifetime, that he knows no one named Sardar Jasbir Singh. He then had an affidavit written and gave this to the CBI for their information.

The Counsel for Sardar Jasbir Singh filed a protest petition before the Hon. Court stating that his client, Sardar Jasbir Singh, was an Informant (not a witness).

The Hon. Court, by its Order dated 06/12/2007 found the hand-written address of Sardar Jasbir Singh and as given by Sardar Jasbir Singh’s Counsel.

A certain TV Channel claimed that Sardar Surender Singh alleged against me. Sardar Surender Singh who saw this on the IBN-CNN Channel was annoyed at the wrong and mischievous statement, and he wrote to the Chairman of the Channel in Gurmukhi. Sardar Surender singh again confirmed his Gurmukhi affidavit, in which he had stated positively that he had not seem anywhere near the scene on that day.

Sardar Surender Singh sent a lawyer’s notice to the Chairman of the Channel for releasing false and edited files on the Channel. He also wrote to the Director of the CBI through his Advocate regarding this issue.

To confirm the above affidavits, Sardar Kundan Singh, President of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha and the then Vice President of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha in 1984 and Sardar Kuljeet Singh Duggal, Secretary of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha, who was the then Executive Member of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha in 1984 have both written to the Director of IBN-CNN bringing attention to the truth and pointing out the lies. Over and above all this, Sardar Surender Singh has given a statement to a reporter in which he has stated the truth in his conversation with the reporter. This video tape can give you a clearer vision of the truth which is being polluted.

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Copy Of RTI From Alok Kumar, DCP Central Zone
It would be pertinent to draw attention to the fact that S. Jasbir Singh was involved in the above case for the reason of attacking and threatening, beating and mal-treating the victims of the